Student life

The city

Being one of the oldest cities in Canada and a modern metropolis, Montreal mixes the charm and architecture of a centuries-old town with the energy of a North American city. Montreal is a bilingual city and home to the largest French-speaking community in the world after Paris but it’s the plurality of culture that gives this city its unique personality. Wherever you are on the Island of Montreal, you will find a unique quarter with its own architecture, unique people, and a rich history.

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The people

Like everywhere in Canada, the people in Montreal are defined by a cultural and ethical plurality but people in Montreal differentiate themselves from the rest of the country by a strong French influence. Montrealers have the reputation of being less workaholic and more into a joie de vivre pace, which makes them very welcoming people.
The life

Due to its reputation of being the cultural center of Canada, there is not a day that goes by without a cultural event or a festival somewhere in the city. If you are more into nightlife, Montreal's downtown never sleeps. In addition to being among the least expensive North American cities, Montreal offers a great quality of life with its cafés, restaurants and, fruit markets all over the city. This is a city where life is pleasant and where you can enjoy every day.

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